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ICTV Proprietary Technologies


4K Multi-Media Stream Box

Price: $125 One-Time Activation and Shipping Fee. See Membership Rates Below. 
Contents: 4K Stream Box kit with starter accessories. USPS shipping with tracking and insurance.
Ideal for: Home Theatres, Sports, 3D Content, Kid’s Areas/Home school, or Gifts for any occasion. Compatible for streaming over any WiFi worldwide (Hotel, Airbnb, Projectors, etc.).


The Mobile App

Price: $50 One-Time Activation. See Membership Rates Below. 
Contents: Smart Phone App. with Install Guide. Please Note: Apple charges a one-time $7 fee for the IOS version.
Ideal for: Busy Professionals, Students, International Travelers, or a Gift for any occasion. Streamcasting is available with compatible devices. Works with data and WiFi networks. 


2024 Membership Rates:

$30 x 12
Monthly with Automated Billing Agreement
$80 x 4 Quarterly Payments
w/ 10% discount and Automated Billing Agreement 
$300 Annual Payment
w/ 15% discount and Automated Billing Agreement 


ICTV Credit Card Agreement Form (Click to request).
Please complete each space and return the form via email: ICTV.US1@gmail.com
$40 per month (w/ $10 processing fee without billing agreement).
Additional Line Discounts: $5 off (max $15 for 3 or more units)
Example #1: Client with 2 units: $30+$25 = $55
Example #2:  Clients with 3 units: $30+$25+$20 = $75
Example #3:  Clients with 4 units: $30+$25+$20+$20 = $95
(max discount rate of $15 per account)

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Zelle ID: ICTV.US1@gmail.com


PayPal: Use the Fast Link or Scan the QR Code:

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Welcome Tutorials (1-3)

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A Special Note Regarding Jitter or Lagging:
We cannot offer direct solutions for internet or Wi-Fi issues such as router signal strength, distance to the router, old wiring, etc. However, we offer Wi-Fi extenders and antennas via the ICTV Online Store.
WiFi Buffering/Lagging: As a courtesy, we offer this DIY Tutorial.